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The Axers were a group of rebels in the heptarchate. Their banner was the Stone Axe and they are mentioned in Ninefox Gambit.


The Axers were one of a number of rebel factions on a world which had lost its name; others were represented by such emblems as the Winged Flower, the Inverted Chalice, the Thorn-and-Circle, the Red Fist, and the Snake Defiant, each representing a different city, moon, or other jurisdiction. Their planet was beautiful even wracked by war, with curved hills, forever clouds, purple grasses, wind and sun, and fluttering luminous insects at dusk.


The Axers and their world rebelled against the heptarchate 419 years before the Siege of the Fortress of Scattered Needles. Kel forces were sent to put down the rebellion, battling in cities and fields alike. The Shuos sent teams to assassinate rebel leaders and position Shuos shouters for activation; Shuos drones could have accomplished the task, but the Shuos leadership was unwilling to reveal the drones' full capabilities to the Kel. Shuos Jedao and Shuos Sereset were dispatched as Shouter Team 5 to assassinate the Axers' general and put a shouter in place.

As the Kel fought the rebels for control of a city, Jedao and Sereset successfully carried out their mission. Sereset, however, was mortally wounded by a stray Kel tunneler bullet. When the shouters activated, Kel and rebels alike were affected, falling into total submission in the midst of battle and unable to control their war machines, which raged unchecked over the field. Over the next ten hours, while Jedao and the dying Sereset waited for a late pickup and new Kel troops handled cleanup and took prisoners elsewhere, the battlefield became quiet and cold night fell. Jedao was eventually retrieved by Fireflitter 327 after Sereset died.[1]


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