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The Gheffeu were a heretical group from what is now the Outspecker Colonies. They are mentioned in Ninefox Gambit.


The Gheffeu had distinctive names, a caste structure incompatible with the heptarchate's Doctrine, and holy weeks during which armbands were worn for particular saints.


The Gheffeu lived in an area later renamed the Outspecker Colonies at the time when they were annexed by the heptarchate. They had to be assimilated into the hexarchate's culture since their caste structure was incompatible with Doctrine. At the time, the Andan were fighting the Shuos for influence on Doctrine, and did not handle the assimilation. Instead, Shuos shouters were used for fast compliance, but the calendricals were too unstable for them to be used successfully. Heptarch Shuos Khiaz and Kel Command were still arguing about it when the Gheffeu threw in with the Lanterners.

By the time of the massacre at Hellspin Fortress, the Lanterners did not trust their new recruits, and split up groups so that people of the same ethnicity did not serve together. The Hellspin massacre took place during a Gheffeu holy week and Gheffeu recruits would have been wearing white armbands to honor a specific saint. Four hundred years later, Brevet General Kel Cheris discussed one such soldier, a man of the technician caste listed among the dead, with the revenant of Shuos Jedao.[1]


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