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Kel Gwe Pia was a Kel soldier who served with General Shuos Jedao. She was mentioned in Ninefox Gambit and in the flashfic An Evening's Offering.


Gwe Pia was described by Jedao as a spectacularly good shot.[1]

During an incident recounted by Kel Gized, Jedao was trying to teach Gwe Pia how to jury-rig a grenade out of a blaster charger cell during a meal when the attempt lit the dessert on fire and resulted in Jedao needing a partial facial reconstruction.[2]

Gwe Pia was present in the command center when Jedao killed Gized during the Hellspin Fortress massacre. Blocked from a clean shot at him by Kel Jiang, who was in the way, she would have gotten Jedao if she had been willing to shoot through Jiang, but she didn't think of it. Jedao, who did, fired through Jiang with his Patterner 52 and killed them both.[3] In the aftermath of the shootings, Jedao remembered Jiang and Gwe Pia's names, but not Gized's.[4]


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