A weather-eater is a Kel military device designed to control local weather conditions. Weather-eaters are mentioned in Ninefox Gambit and Glass Cannon.


The Kel battalion dispatched to seize the directional storm generator on Dredge expected to rely on weather-eaters to mitigate the storms' deadly effects. However, the storm generator's reliance on heretical mechanics reduced the weather-eaters' effectiveness, resulting in the deaths of most of the companies in the battalion.[1]

Planetary weather-eaters are stationed in the atmosphere of Esrala as part of its terraforming process.[2]


  • Weather-eaters were so named in order to provide context cues to their function. The author elaborates: "I don’t explicitly explain what this does, but it’s mentioned in the context of, well, local weather conditions, and you can probably guess that it has something to do with artificially controlling weather. I didn’t feel the need to waste words spelling that out."[3]
  • Where calendrical terrain is favorable, weather-eaters are more reliable than the effects of formations which offer protection against weather.
  • Weather-eaters are exotic technology and are unreliable in unfriendly calendrical terrain.[4]
  • It is possible for a weather-eater to be used destructively by crashing it on a planetary surface.[5]


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